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Cades Cove Images - Smoky Mountain Photos

Many readers asked for more images of the Great Smoky Mountains. To answer that call we offer these images of Cades Cove by Ernie and Julie Guenther, who have been visiting the Smokies for 30 years. They are kind enough to share them with all of us who love the Smoky Mountains.

  Smoky Mountain Photos
 A Favorite Tree Smoky Mountain _A Favorite Tree_

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Smokies Scenic
 Cable Mill Road Smoky Mountain Photo _Cable Mill Road_
  Cades Cove Cabin
  Carter Shields Cabin Smoky Mountain Photo Carter Shields Cabin
All photographs courtesy of
Ernie and Julie Guenther
Copyright 1997-1998

Cades Cove Winter
  Still beautiful in Winter Still beautiful in Winter Smoky Mountain Photo
  Smoky Mountain Photos
  Arglope Spins A Web Arglope Spins a Web Smoky Mountains
  Cades Cove Homestead
  Wheel at Cable Farm Wheel at Cable Farm Smoky Mountain Photo
  Smokies Photo
  Dogwood Blossoms Peeking Smoky Mountain Photo - Dogwood Blossoms Peeking

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Smokies Settler's Cabin
  Cable House Smoky Mountain Photo - Cable House

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We'd like to issue a general call to artists, photographers, and writers to share their works with our readers. Each issue's cover will feature the work of an artist or photographer, and a regular feature will be the Gallery displaying the work of both artists and photographers. In addition, we want each issue to present several feature articles on any subject of interest to the Smoky Mountain visitor.

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