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The American Black Bear in the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP)

smoky mountain black bear

The American black bears of GSMNP are more commonly known as Smoky Mountain Black Bears or simply as Park bears. No matter what you call them, the bears of The Great Smoky Mountain National Park are symbols of the wilderness and-- in a sense--freedom from the modern world.

Smoky Mountain Black Bear Links:

The Appalachian Bear Center is a facility for bear rehabilitation, and release. They are also dedicated to research and education about the Black Bears of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Appalachian Bear Center is located just outside of the park and has been returning black bears back to the wild since 1996.

View a bear in the wild on-line. BearCam by National Geographic features live pictures of a Brown Bear. Available only during the months that the bear is not hibernating.

Other Bear Species. Bears of the Smokies have cousins in other national parks and wild areas. Some of the Smoky Mountain Bear’s best known cousins are Brown and Polar Bears. There are no brown bears and of course no Polar bears in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Click here for details.

Brown Bears. The McNeil River State Game Sanctuary is a bear enthusiast’s Mecca.
Groups of forty or more wild brown bears congregate at this sanctuary to feast on the abundant salmon that spawn there each summer from about early July to mid-August.

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